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Every vet will stand with them in every trouble,
every human being will respect them.

No road no other destination Not an another option It’s the person’s hope Who has a mind towards the animal I wouldn’t say vet is everything But its impossible without vet Where have you not seen the body of an unconscious animal Some says nothing, some does nothing While watching

Why should not the step be stopped, the innocent one should be given a chance Be aware that mistakes we have seen from the beginning not repeated Everyone’s rule on earth No one is stronger than other Every creature has the right to live here Do not look down at those stray animals Which can give you Nothing You have no right to beat

It is not too difficult to comfort them Just remember the vet in time, those vet who will come without delay Be patient and kind Just contribute To all those injured animals Consider them as a part of the family

The creatures of this earth should support each other There will be new communication, new era will come Everyone will get rights, everyone will get life All those will be treated Advanced beings will get rights

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Importance of The Veterinary Field

The importance of the veterinary field increases further by looking at the current situation and the epidemics coming from time to time. Laboratory Animal Practices veterinary practice occupies an important place Any medicine, vaccine or other experiments are first tested on laboratory animals. Today, it is due to veterinary that we have been able to make Covid vaccine.
But this does not end, there are still many aspects of Veterinary that are hidden and it is the duty of a veterinarian to discover all those possibilities in future. Looking at the future requirements, this website will prove to be very effective.

Importance of Poultry

In the present day poultry is not only a sector but an important source of income and requirement of one’s country. If a country wants to develop itself into animal wealth then it is mandatory for it to pay special attention to the poultry.
According to the Livestock census 2019, the poultry population in India is 851.81 million, along with India ranks 3rd in the world in egg production and 5th rank in poultry meat production. From the above data you can understand how much the poultry sector means to our country.
Poultry sector is needed to reach the height of scientific management and scientific management requires knowledgeable veterinarians.BOur website also makes you work with all the data and knowledgeable information.

Importance of The Cattle

Cattle is considered as the base animal of Veterinary course. In first year, when we study Anatomy of different animals,we compare these with that of ox. As you know, Cattle are ruminants . In India, cows are mainly domesticated for milk. Apart from domesticated cow, in cities,we see several cows roaming on street. They eat grasses if found any. Some people feed them occasionally. For them, we all together can bring a helping hand and make a difference. Let’s be active & join hands and feed them and do what we can give to these animals around us and make our country better place for all creatures.

Diversity of Animal Species

India has high diversity of animal species and India is home to many rare animal species. The diversity of any country is its identity and the responsibility of the country is maintained. And this is how it comes to veterinarians who play an important role in diversity maintenance and wildlife conservation.
With artificial insemination, semen preservation, genetic engineering and scientific methods, veterinarians not only save endangered species but also succeed in increasing their population. India has some most important endangered species like Asiatic lion, one horned rhinoceros, snow leopards, Bengal tigers and nilgiri tahr. Without expertise in veterinary sector a country can’t develope and maintain it’s diversity.